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Archer added, partly to distract her daughter's attention from forbidden topics: "Poor Regina
It would distract attention from us, I am sure," she said.
They watched him take his phials out; they watched him measure the particles of white powder; they watched him add drops of one precious liquid, and drops of another; they lost not the slightest movement; their eyes were riveted upon him with a fascination that nothing could distract.
Stroeve could not bear to be alone, and I exhausted myself in efforts to distract him.
He strove to distract his mind by talking, but in the middle of his words a spatter of rain against the window would make him start.
There are so many things to distract one's attention along the way.
It was necessary to do this, and doubly necessary to keep my mind employed on anything that would help to distract my attention from myself, and from the hopeless future that lay before me.
One day, then, as Allworthy was walking in his garden, the doctor came to him, and, with great gravity of aspect, and all the concern which he could possibly affect in his countenance, said, "I am come, sir, to impart an affair to you of the utmost consequence; but how shall I mention to you what it almost distracts me to think of
Poorly behaved children inside the car also distract 34 per cent of the respondents.
If you need to talk to a child or the person next to you, make a phone call, text or other action that could distract you from the goal of getting where you need to go safely, stop and do so away from the pedestrian traffic flow.
Drivers said changing the CD or music controls in their car was the most likely gadget to distract them, while four in 10 said they were distracted by their sat-nav system and almost a third blamed their mobile phone.