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Advocacy was identified as an important nursing role that is complicated by perceptions of powerlessness and conflicting loyalties in morally distressing situations (Calvin et al.
On the basis of these definitions, it appears that moral integrity is always compromised in morally distressing situations.
Three hundred and thirty eight participants were recruited for the study; however only participants who endorsed a distressing SIT (n = 209) were included in the data analysis.
Participants were then instructed to write out their most distressing SIT and indicate whether or not that thought was related to an event that they willingly or unwillingly (Yes or No) experienced.
Participants' most distressing sexual thoughts were categorized into themes created and defined by a research team familiar with studying sexual intrusive thoughts and obsessions.
Next, individuals were grouped based on whether their most distressing SIT was or was not related to a real-life sexual experience (i.
8%) who indicated that their most distressing SIT was related to a real-life experience ("memory") with scores for 116 who did not make that association ("non-memory").
This study adds to the limited body of research that has compared groups based on themes represented by their most distressing sexual intrusive thoughts.