distribution of earnings

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Among the individuals competing in professional sports the distribution of earnings is determined by the distribution of awards for performance, the distribution of talent (expected performance), and by work effort (the number of competitions undertaken).
The distribution of earnings in 1991 continued to narrow from the high degree of dispersion during the mid-1980s, a period of poor earnings for some banks whose loans were concentrated in the energy and agricultural industries (chart 10).
Producer groups pay only part of the higher taxes necessary to finance more welfare payments, but any restructuring of the economy to produce more jobs or a more equal distribution of earnings directly threatens their current position.
The Class C shares share in distribution of earnings and capital on a 10-for-1 basis with the Class A shares; therefore, for earnings per share and book value per share calculations, the Class C shares are converted to Class A shares on a 10-for-1 basis.
Models with both of those elements have been successful in replicating and explaining the distribution of earnings and consumption observed in the data.
The term earned income means wages, salaries or professional fees, and other amounts received as compensation for personal services actually rendered, but does not include that part of the compensation the taxpayer derived for personal services he or she rendered to a corporation that represents a distribution of earnings or profits rather than a reasonable allowance as compensation for the personal services.
529 plan allows all assets to grow tax deferred until distributed to the beneficiary to pay for qualified higher education expenses (QHEEs); the distribution of earnings is then taxed at the beneficiary's (typically more favorable) tax rate.
In dealing with the determination whether a spin-off is a device for the distribution of earnings, Treas.
Because the distribution of earnings within dual-earner families may affect household decisionmaking as well as labor market decisions, this article seeks to gauge the relative economic positions of husbands and wives in these families, as defined by their paid labor market activity.
By mid-year 2015, the company expects to provide additional details on its strategic plan and guidance on timing and targeted levels for asset sales, operating margins, leverage, development volumes, dividends, and distribution of earnings and profits.
Restrictions exist to protect against transactions that do not have a valid business purpose or are simply devices to effect a distribution of earnings and profits without tax.

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