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Levinson first points out that a discussion of the distributional implications of taxes is incomplete without discussion of how the resulting revenues are used.
The distributional consequences of means tests change if the unit of measurement changes from an individual to a household.
Grinnell's approach centered on comparing environments manifested within species' distributional areas with those manifested outside of distributional areas to establish which environments are required for the species' persistence in an area.
In addition to depriving municipalities of their share of the fund, the government has altered the distributional criteria at least four times in the last 15 years and offered no good rationale for doing so.
Keywords: multiword expressions, semantic composition, distributional semantics, Croatian language
The euro area is possibly the largest beneficiary from the distributional effects of lower oil prices and exchange rate movements.
In the present study the multiscale phylogenetic community structure and distributional aggregation patterns of endemic mammals of China are revealed.
Also important to note is the fact that national estimates of workforce shortages are often masked by significant distributional disparities--particularly in rural and certain innercity populations that experience greater and more persistent shortages.
By distributional justice she means attempts to ensure equal distribution of opportunities goods and resources for each member of the society.
Taking the approach that economic systems do not operate in a vacuum, this undergraduate textbook incorporates the new realities of distributional equity, ecological sustainability, and the roles of households, nonprofit organizations, market institutions, and governments in the economy.
This usually reflects governments' pursuit of distributional and other objectives which must be weighed against the distortions that are imposed by deviations from efficient pricing.

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