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One of the territorial areas into which an entire state or country, county, municipality, or other political subdivision is divided, for judicial, political, electoral, or administrative purposes.

The circuit or territory within which a person may be compelled to appear. Circuit of authority; province.

A judicial district is a designated area of a state over which a court has been empowered to hear lawsuits that arise within it or that involve its inhabitants. A federal judicial district is an area of a state in which a federal district court sits to determine matters involving federal questions or Diversity of Citizenship of the parties.

A congressional district is a geographical sub-division of a state that elects a representative to Congress.

A legislative district is a specific section of a state that elects a representative to the state legislature.


noun ager, area, circuit, constituency, domain, locale, locality, neighborhood, pale, precinct, province, quarter, realm, regio, region, section, sphere, terra, territorial division, territory, tract, ward, zone
Associated concepts: business district, collection district, election district, federal district, improvement district, judiiial district, school district, tax district
See also: bailiwick, circuit, constituency, department, division, local, locality, location, parcel, province, region, regional, territory

DISTRICT. A certain portion of the country, separated from the rest for some special purposes. The United States are divided into judicial districts, in each of which is established a district court; they are also divided into election districts; collection districts, &c.

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Conejo Valley Unified, Moorpark Unified and Oak Park posted districtwide scores over 800.
FUTUREKIDS can offer such a significant territory acquisition because its business has districtwide and citywide implications, according to Thomas L.
The GUSD's districtwide score increased by 15 points, to 794 out of a possible 1,000.
The Burbank districtwide score jumped 20 points, to 771 out of a maximum score of 1,000.
Together, we will create a districtwide information infrastructure based on technologically advanced hardware, software and networking solutions.
With 150 more pupils than expected districtwide, officials think parents were attracted by Leona Valley School adding grades six, seven and eight and by kindergartens districtwide expanding to a full-day format rather than having morning and afternoon sessions.
Board member Nancy Pearlman's motion calls on the district to study the possibility of a districtwide ban on the use of tobacco products.
Los Angeles Community College District announced Wednesday that it will save millions of dollars by reducing construction times as much as a year, following a districtwide effort to streamline its bond construction process.