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When a taxpayer leases or licenses computer software for use in its trade or business, the IRS will not disturb a deduction properly allowable under Regs.
1, 2000, the IRS will not disturb a taxpayer's treament of computer software costs, handled in accordance with the practices described in this revenue procedure.
But any birdwatcher knows that if you go within a few feet you are going to disturb the bird and that would be a reckless act.
It shows that trained maintenance workers typically disturb asbestos infrequently, for short periods of time and with minimal exposures to themselves and others.
It increases the risk of uterine and endometrial cancer, can cause hot flushes, and can disturb the central nervous system, triggering depression, irritability, and short-term memory loss.
Don't they think that we have children, who are either sleeping or studying and that it disturbs everyone.
Herpetologists like McKinnell agree that frogs are enormously vulnerable during early life cycle changes to hormonal variations, which may be triggered by pesticides and other toxins, creating an estrogen-mimicking effect which disturbs a frog's development.
But Klapheck's sewing machine meets no umbrella, nor does it rest on a table; it inhabits what Michel Foucault once called a heterotopia: one in which its subtraction from any syntax, even that of the fantastic or incongruous, disturbs the nexus of word and thing, representation and perception.