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The general, who was really agitated and disturbed, looked at the prince too, but did not seem to expect much from his reply.
But I wouldn't have done it if I had known he was a Professor; therefore my conscience was not disturbed.
I am here, Sir Governor, because the cry of an oppressed people hath disturbed me in my secret place; and beseeching this favor earnestly of the Lord, it was vouchsafed me to appear once again on earth, in the good old cause of his saints.
commanded Prince Michael, in so potent a voice that the disturbed one wheeled around with a somewhat chagrined laugh.
Do you wonder that I am a little disturbed, my Prince of Rags and Whiskers?
I am quite sure that you will not be disturbed again.
His passage disturbed those eyes no more than if he had been as immaterial as a ghost.
Adam said: "If visitors go down to the rocks, there is a high likelihood that the seals will be disturbed, they will go into the water.
Tc And Rd At Ho-Chi-Minh Sarani Disturbed By Reliance Jio In W-63,Restoration Of Paver Block Footpath At Wood St From S P Sarani To Park St Disturbed By Reliance Jio In W-63,Restoration Of Road At Collin Ln Disturbed By W/S Deptt.
This is the case for heavy metal band, Disturbed, with their beautiful, moving, and haunting cover of 'The Sound of Silence', a classic Simon and Garfunkel song that was released in 1964.
A debate on the Disturbed Areas Act ( DAA) was marred by confusion with the BJP legislators mistaking it with the AFSPA.
The dragon is truly fearsome and wreaks havoc when his sleep is disturbed.