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Mr Robertson added: "It illustrates a disturbingly naive attitude to the impact of such a devastating attack, and the optimism prevalent at this early stage of the Cold War.
The winner of this celebration of food porn was former barrister James, 33, although, in a disturbingly over the top, albeit hilarious, moment, 18-year-old student Emily managed to reduce judge John Torode to tears.
It will breathe new life into an area which is disturbingly lifeless after 7pm.
In a nutshell: Disturbingly persuasive fictionalization of the Valley murder case.
Even the shatteringly slinky racing fan Clare King couldn't persuade me to watch Emmerdale, Eastenders is populated by a disturbingly dysfunctional range of complete madcaps, thus leaving only Coronation Street with the credibility of decades.
SIR - The theoretical average wage in Wales is not as significant as the number of minimum wage earners, which is disturbingly high.
From cosmic concepts such as string theory to painful yet disturbingly common incidents such as divorce to the mysterious beauty of a sea flower, each topic speaks to a different element of the mystery of life.
While this story is not for everyone, Datz's narration is disturbingly realistic and the audio is one that will stay with listeners long after they hit the stop button.
The criminal justice system is in danger of failing in Hartlepool, not only because decent people are losing faith in its ability to administer justice but, perhaps most disturbingly, people who commit criminal and anti-social behaviour do not fear or respect it.
However it was disturbingly clear that the non-elected council officials present at that meeting didn't share the concerns of the councillors and their constituents.
It's a disturbingly plausible nightmare scenario: In the big-budget studio thriller V for Vendetta, a totalitarian state, driven by fundamentalist Christian ideologues, rises in England under the specter of massive terrorist attacks.
Some successes notwithstanding, the outcome has been disturbingly flat.