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Even after America's founders were united by the dream of disunion, after they asked their soldiers to shed blood in defense of that ideal, and after they learned, in the hardest ways, how to govern a people who wanted to exercise their rights, they still could not guarantee the country's survival.
In 1996, the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia published "The State of Disunion --1996," a survey of the American public's attitudes toward government, politics, morality, etc.
We could call this putting make-up on a political corpse but it is enough for additional disunion, Mitanoski concludes.
When transforming the military tactic of disunion into the field of propaganda, a propagandist needs to stir up dissension among the people of the other side, as well as to make mischief between the opposing factions of their own side.
I very much fear that a way to disunion has been opened by the Secretary's ruling.
Russia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, saidEe in a press release that the disunion of the Syrian opposition is the main reason hindering the efforts to hold the international conference on Syria.
As the Roman Wall, Part II addresses antiquarian interest in the early eighteenth century in the context of union or disunion between England and Scotland, and mapping surveys performed in relation to the Jacobite uprising of 1745-46 "to impose a new order across a still unsettled border landscape" (p.
It would cause the greatest trouble and disturbance and disunion.
13) Thus, arguably the two most famous white Atlantans of this era, both Southern Baptists, not only exemplified differing opinions on the race issue but also signified disunion among Southern Baptists in Atlanta.
Rating: Acts of Union and Disunion by Linda Colley.
However, the party should be unanimous in order for a new disunion not to occur," said Ramadani.