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She expressed concerns that the amendments may not strengthen the state and unite the people but disunite them on the grounds of regional characteristics.
It is difficult to see how a decentralized system disunites people when the focus is to bring services for a high standard of living.
But the enemies of Islam and Afghanistan cannot disunite the nation.
Yes, the sport is one of those things that have the power to unite when various factors in the country are trying to disunite.
Summary: Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on Monday warned against enemies' conspiracy to disunite the Iranian nation and noted all should beware not to let the enemies materialize their schemes.
The ABRI is strongly committed to rejecting any drastic, revolutionary and radical reforms which certainly will only disintegrate and disunite the nation and also bring us into ruins rather than give contributions to the development,'' newly appointed ABRI Commander Gen.
To nullify Is what the once appealing night Means now, to rend, to disunite.
In a statement on Saturday, Senator Pervaiz Rashid said Qadri, by doing that, wanted to disunite the nation and shift the focus from Zarb e Azb to his agitational politics.
In a statement to the press, Nijaifi said that such repeated crimes against the Iraqis, in its north, midland and the south came in an attempt to disunite the people of Iraq and to tear its social fabric, as well as to instigate sectarian and ethnical feuds.
Let's refrain from promoting negative feelings which would disunite our people.
The king said Arab disunity and dissension were aiding the treacherous Israeli enemy and those who seek to disunite the Arabs for their regional objectives.