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Some issues naturally need military force other wise it intensifies and issues cannot be resolved in the way that violence is rifted when allies are disunited, he said.
Harry Turtledove's THE DISUNITED STATES OF AMERICA (9780765328243, $9.
Disunited as never before, the 5 June election will focus on the political war between Albanians and following the elections, Albanians will become even more disunited.
We are left to see what kind of results the disunited right-wing parties will show and whether their decision to not form coalitions is smart.
The UK, now the disunited kingdom, is returning to tribal warfare - Wales and Scotland versus England and Ulster now jointly ruled by Britain and Eire.
Equally, ever since I can remember, the providers of horseracing have been divided, with racecourses, owners, trainers and employees disunited and unable to stop the lifeblood of the sport being drained away.
In this regard, the FFS representative regretted the fact that the Maghreb is among the few regions in the world which are still disunited.
The selection of a new president by an electoral college at the end of this month is emerging as a key test for Merkel's disunited three-party government.
We will never again make Jerusalem a divided, disunited, and isolated city," local daily Haaretz quoted the premier as saying at a ceremony held on Ammunition Hill commemorating the Jerusalem Day.
It's like Tony Blair never happened, and the border once again divides this disunited kingdom.
It is very mischievous of them to make such accusations and project the MIC as a disunited party to confuse the electorate, the Star quoted Mohan, as saying.
It's a known fact that peace is just not wanted by Israel or the US - let's sow disharmony and discord to create a disunited front, this way Israel and the US continue to do just what they want - it's the theme of a superpower crushing the minority - in the name of civilisation.