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We confirm our commitment to the national constants at the top of which is Yemeni unity, the constitution, law and order, and we confirm our rejection of sectarianism and disunity.
He reminds them of the reasons for their disunity for he speaks of "selfish ambition", that is the desire to have one's own way to the detriment of others.
Disunity in his governing coalition of four parties has been exacerbated by corruption allegations, which may yield congressional investigations that could derail reform plans for the rest of his administration.
Addressing a mass rally in Kassala Wednesday on the occasion of the National Day celebrations, President Al-Bashir called on the citizens of Kassala State to adhere to the unity of rank and not to give heed to the calls aimed for disunity which are circulated by elements who serve foreign agenda.
Indeed, unity is important and it is true that we are paying the price of our disunity.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Tehran once again cautioned the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) member states against the plots hatched by certain foreign states to create disunity among the regional nations.
The TTP head also talked about the disunity of the Taliban.
Labour humiliatingly paid the price for weeks of division and disunity.
Noting that he has accepted an invitation to speak at the opening of the conference, Bishop Johnson said he has "reservations" about Archbishop Venables' attendance but hopes "you will use the occasion to seek for prayerful unity in Christ rather than to further the cause of disunity.
DEPUTY prime minister John Prescott said Labour back benchers were entitled to give their leadership a dressing-down over their recent shows of disunity.
If you find yourself in a troubled parish where disunity seems to be the order of the day, don't just sit there and grumble.
After all, living behind shiny faades of disunity is surely a reviled presage