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Some industrial use is still prominent in Digbeth however much has fallen into disuse.
The building served the Bronx Terminal Market for over 35 years before falling into disuse and disrepair.
There was nothing in the biomedical archives that provided a reasonable framework for this apparent homology of disuse and aging.
Reconstruction of the Tel Aviv Port -- which was founded in 1936 and fell into disuse in the 1950s -- began in 2001, using eco-friendly building guidelines with the objective of being transformed into an easily accessible hot spot for locals and travelers.
A spokesman said: "The track has fallen into disuse.
For years it had fallen into disuse as relations between Syria and Iraq deteriorated.
Designed to place designers and executives within a physical interior that can be adjusted to show relationships between components, it had fallen into disuse as Ford transitioned toward virtual reality design reviews.
As the ethnic label "Yankee" fell into disuse, the children of Yankees adapted the appellation "Midwesterner" instead.
This situation has been brought about by a conscious decision to let it fall into disuse rather than through any other mechanism.
Cuba may accept more foreign investment in agriculture to try to reduce food imports and revive state lands that have fallen into disuse, reports Reuters (Dec.
Sadly, both have fallen into disuse and are in distressed conditions.