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The final Disused Stations picture here is from 2008 - and shows there were still windows and doors of the old station at the side of the track.
Anastasios Yiannaki, Director, RICS With the IAEAs support Cyprus has taken very significant steps towards strengthening its control over disused sealed radioactive sources said IAEA technical officer Juan Carlos Benitez Navarro.
NEWSAR posted on Facebook: "Quarries, whether disused or in use are extremely dangerous.
However, no mention was made on the programme of the fact that every disused slate quarry in England and Wales must be surrounded by a solid barrier to prevent public access.
Demolition of the disused rail bridge to increase highway capacity on the approach to Higham Lane and eradicate bridge strikes.
The historic has stood the heart The historic building has stood disused in the heart of the city since it closed in the 1970s.
CALDERDALE is one of England's dump hotspots with nearly 300 disused landfill sites.
MORE than PS300,000 worth of cannabis has been seized in two raids, one of them at a disused shop.
PLANS to turn a disused council toilet block near a Teesside shopping centre into three takeaways or a cafe have been approved.
Firefighting equipment, including water mains and sprinklers, had been removed from the disused section of the open-pit lignite mine, which has been ablaze since February 9, said firefighters.
The Centre for Alternative Technology was built in a disused quarry
DISUSED mineshafts could hold the key to finding a missing heiress.