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In short, the affective quality of an emotion is the form in which we experience the value or disvalue of the object as conceptually identified, rather than as perceived directly.
Correspondingly, the vast majority of us disvalue social discord.
Southgate wants to rationalize for believers how an omnibenevolent, omnipotent, sovereign, and fully responsible God who is worthy of our worship could ordain evolution with all its disvalues as the means of creating and sustaining animal life.
3) Now since even the most horrendous pain and suffering, on Bruce's view, contribute to this "ultimate harmony" his argument against Modern interventions seems to be that the disvalues [sic] others suffer will, if we let things work out 'naturally' (whatever that might mean), be miraculously converted into positive values for the greater whole.
And the ethical behaviour can be displayed only if we are able to keep disvalues at bay by our reason and intellect.
Conversely, consumer dissatisfaction is linked with the appraisal that the object or action will block or deny achievement of one's values or will attain one's disvalues.
I aim to show how the dynamics of culture and religion bear on the way our moral vision is shaped relative to how we see reality, what we regard as values or disvalues, and what we judge as right or wrong.
In a culture that fosters (should 1 say enforces) diversity, one can expect differing views on values and disvalues.
There are also disvalues to be avoided, including being meretricious, unjust, undignified, and hard of heart.
Values and disvalues of children in successive childbearing decisions.
After all, for all that's been said, we can give definitions of all those many useful concepts--outlining when cases fit under their umbrellas--or sort them as values and disvalues, as things to pursue and things to avoid; and in doing so we would have constructed bits of moral theory.
But if the church stands up and preaches God's love and at the same time disvalues women by not allowing them to be on the altar or to preach from the pulpit or to wear the appropriate liturgical garb or whatever the church might do to keep women away, then it makes a mockery of the gospel.