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Ditto are now looking to expand their catalogue and want to help the unsigned bands of birmingham.
Ditto, a Yorkshire-Duroc crossbreed, was a local celebrity before appearing on Leeza Gibbons' TV talk show.
Ditto Trade does not charge Master Traders for the use of its software, nor do Master Traders receive any compensation from Ditto Trade.
Ditto has also caused controversy for being open about her sexuality, and not holding back when it comes to discussing fellow musicians.
Ditto Music cofounder Lee Parsons said: "Marillion is all about DIY and that's what we're about as well so it's a really good tie-in for us.
We don't avoid the chaos; we stay in the chaotic region," Ditto says.
Ditto Labs is at the confluence of network analytics, data science, computer vision and digital marketing," said David Rose, CEO of Ditto Labs.
After 91 tests of 22 slices from 9 rats, they were convinced: "We can make [the slice pattern] chaotic; we can make it periodic; we can make it do almost anything," Ditto says.
Though Mendonca cites the Beatles as their main musical influence, Ditto describes their music as "bluesy, kinda trashy, and really Southern.
Ditto Music - run by Lee Parsons, 24, and brother Matt, 26 - made chart history in January when Blag, Steal and Borrow by pop-punk band Koopa reached no 31 in the UK charts.
Lee Parsons said, "Our brand new Tile Yard office opening marks an important step forward for Ditto Music.
Last year, another fierce dyke--Hannah Blilie--joined Ditto as the Gossip's new drummer.