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How the fascinating Tippins gets on when arraying herself for the bewilderment of the senses of men, is known only to the Graces and her maid; but perhaps even that engaging creature, though not reduced to the self-dependence of Twemlow could dispense with a good deal of the trouble attendant on the daily restoration of her charms, seeing that as to her face and neck this adorable divinity is, as it were, a diurnal species of lobster--throwing off a shell every forenoon, and needing to keep in a retired spot until the new crust hardens.
Status and diurnal behaviour of the ShelduckTadorna tadornain the HautsPlateaux, northeast Algeria.
Birds were divided by diurnal (n = 15) and nocturnal (n = 7) species, sampled by cloacal swabs, and examined for Campylobacter species by cultural and molecular methods.
Claudia Sick, MSc biologist, said that they investigated whether diurnal changes in the value of one commodity, tolerance at shared food patches, lead to diurnal patterns of affiliative interaction, namely grooming.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Scandal 9 Later 10 Ocean 11 Abysmal 12 Net 13 Prefaces 16 Adorable 17 Oft 19 Miranda 21 Prude 22 Sharp 23 Diurnal DOWN: 1 Astound 2 Lamented 3 Eden 4 Playmate 5 Atom 6 Droll 8 Leader board 13 Parsnips 14 Eloquent 15 Steeple 18 Amass 20 Ream 21 Plug QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Home address 8 Sam 9 All 11 Origami 12 Mania 13 Let 14 Emu 15 Liberal 17 End 19 Oath 21 Eyes 23 Acts 25 Able 27 Sob 29 Sofa bed 31 Tom 34 Sir 36 Opens 37 Episode 38 Sun 39 Dot 40 Substantial DOWN: 1 Hare 2 Omit 3 Evasive 4 Drivel 5 Rumba 6 Sane 7 Slim 8 Solve 10 Laugh 16 Lot 18 Del 20 Ass 22 Yes 24 Co-exist 25 Autos 26 Camera 28 Beret 30 Oasis 32 Opus 33 Menu 34 Soda 35 Idol
The first recorded gazette of political debates, ' acta diurnal populi Romani' ( lit.
Ornithologist Debus offers this field guide to diurnal raptors found in Australia, complete with both artist drawings and color photographs of the birds identified.
Being nocturnal or diurnal gives the biggest life span boost compared with being active at dawn and dusk, when more predators may be out.
The diurnal variability of precipitation is one of the pronounced climatic cycles.
The officer in-charge of the course gave a brief presentation about the stages of training, including infantry drills, map-and-compass, field skills, diurnal and nocturnal land navigation, light and medium weapons shooting.
The primary efficacy endpoints consisted of comparisons of the bimatoprost insert arm to the timolol drops arm at each of three diurnal time points (T=0, 2, 8 hours) at each of Weeks 2, 6, and 12 of treatment.