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Racemes dense, slightly elongated in fruit; fruiting pedicels strongly recurved about middle, erect at base, flattened, divaricate distally, 2-2.
E possibile che la frequenza della displasia nella razza bianca rispetto alle popolazioni del "terzo" mondo possa essere facilitata anche dalla diversa abitudine di gestione del bambino da parte della madre "occidentale" che ha perso l'abitudine ancestrale di portare su di se, a gambe divaricate, il bambino.
5 cm, acuminate and pungent at the apex, armed with yellowish curved ascendent and uncinate spines; primary branches one per node, ascendent to divaricate, 7.
Chinese English name Botanical name Frequency name of herb Gan cao Licorice Clycyrrhiza 26,185 uralensis Dang gui Chinese Angelica Radix Angelicae 16,285 Sinensis Ren shen Panax Ginseng Radix et rhizoma 14,154 ginseng Fu ling Indian Bread Poria 13,624 Bai zhu Largehead Radix atractylodis 10,361 Atractylodes macrocephalae Rhizome Fang feng Divaricate Radix 8661 Saposhnikovia saposhnikoviae Root Mu xiang Aucklandia Lappa Radix aucklandiae 8212 Fu zi Monkshood Radix aconiti 8111 lateralis praeparata Huang qin Baical Radix Scutellariae 7903 Skullcap Root Huang lian Golden Thread Rhizoma coptidis 7504 Chinese Formulae Database contains 96,592 formulae records.
This suggestion seems particularly attractive because the proposed causal agents for the peculiar morphology of divaricate shrubs, i.
Raceme 30-50-flowered, ebracteate, corymbose, elongated considerably in fruit, slightly longer than leaves; rachis straight; fruiting pedicels divaricate to descending, 6-12 mm long, curved, slender, pilose.