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Distributed backup is a unique, diverged arena from the familiar data center-focused backup, with its own unique set of pain points challenging IT administrators.
2% to the homologous NS5/3'NCR region of Peruvian YFV strains (14) and diverged from other Brazilian strains by 6.
Although he provides a very strong account of jazz criticism in the 1930s, he might have done a more thorough job of detailing how the work of Hammond and Dodge diverged from or was similar to the cosmopolitan musical visions of Du Bois, Locke, and other black aestheticians.
The two species diverged from a common ancestor from 5 million to 7 million years ago and have 95 to 98 percent of their DNA in common, previous research has established.
Nearly all panelists agreed that the solution lay in universal health care; views diverged widely as to how to achieve it.
peninsulae diverged substantially from those of other hantaviruses (15% and 19% for HTNV, 21% to 28% for SEO, 22% and 29% for DOBV, 38% and 39% for PUUV, and 36% and 37% for KBR).
For example, the closely related oil and gas markets diverged sharply last winter with oil futures falling while natural gas futures soared.
This pair of genetic types also diverged 65,000 years ago from that mainland mitochondrial DNA, according to Macaulay's group.
There was another argument that day, and then the stories diverged (as to) who went where, who did what.
While community oncologists and KOLs provided similar responses in ranking toxicities from the physician perspective, the two groups diverged noticeably in ranking toxicities from the patient perspective
The evolutionary precursors of modern apes and people diverged from ancient monkeys between 29 million and 34.
County and city officials had been assured that the federal process would dovetail with the county's permitting process but were dismayed when the two diverged this summer.