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At the end of a walk of about ten minutes among the tents and posts, which were closer together near the headquarters, Monk entered upon a little causeway which diverged into three branches.
Then suddenly she diverged and began to talk about some personal matter.
Summer Street lay deep in the woods, and she had stopped where a footpath diverged from the highroad.
With the woman's instinct to hide she diverged hastily
They diverged into the drawing-room for the good reason that the door was open.
It occurred to her that he might be resting in the summer-house, towards which the path diverged a little.
Already I had traversed several hundred yards of it, from many points of which other corridors diverged.
After an hour's rest they advanced again along the canon, until they presently came to a little valley, from which several rocky gorges diverged.
Long ago one had borrowed the other's written language, and, untold generations before that, they had diverged from the common Mongol stock.
I diverged to general topics, and got brilliant and amusing.
The cab diverged from the direct route, and stopped at a public house in Holborn, kept (under an assumed name) by Perry the trainer.
After ten thousand generations, species (A) is supposed to have produced three forms, a10, f10, and m10, which, from having diverged in character during the successive generations, will have come to differ largely, but perhaps unequally, from each other and from their common parent.