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It's conceivable that English could fracture into two languages some day, particularly if the divergence were to be driven by a political wedge.
This unusual divergence reflects different prospects for growth and inflation around the world.
Prominent features of the M RNA segment are a high degree of divergence at the first part of the M genome, along with conservation of the middle and last regions and the 10-nt termini, which are conserved in all nairoviruses.
The SCN genome is the first available for any plant parasitic nematode," said James McCarter, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Divergence.
The structural and political divergence amongst GECF members means it will continue to have only limited scope to steer the global gas market
This project will study genes underpinning evolutionary divergence at several stages.
During the past two years, Monsanto and Divergence have made notable progress and good early success," said Robert T.
The nine studies comprising volume 1 explore the theoretical framework of copyright law, underling issues such as the moral justifications for copyright and the appropriateness of copyright in a globalized world, and the convergence and divergence of intellectual property rights in the context of globalization.
Subsequent presentations reviewed the results of round robins sponsored by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and SEMATECH showing large divergence between optical- and capacitance-based methods.
Analysis of DNA from mitochondria in the animals' cells revealed little difference between rhinos in eastern and western Sumatra but a 1 percent difference between the Bornean and other Sumatran populations, indicating an evolutionary divergence.
Wray, a molecular biologist at Stony Brook, examined detailed records of seven different genes in different species, revealing their rates of divergence over time from common ancestors.
Growing divergence of foreign policy goals between Beijing and Washington is expected to undermine relations between China and the U.