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The lexicographers say that the linguistic divergence is widest in technical fields such as medicine and law.
Monetary Policy Divergence is Not the Only Kind of Divergence in the Global Economy
This hasn't lead to a divergence between the two parties nor has it touched the FPM's conviction in its ultimate support to the Resistance," he said.
Though there is consensus about the majority of the draft law articles, divergences still persist, especially on the composition of the authority, its prerogatives and the disciplinary board," she specified.
L'Assemblee constituante a commence le reexamen des articles de divergence ayant souleve un large tolle au niveau des comites, alors qu'ils etaient en cours de discussions.
Instruct the students to write their predictions of species divergences, either with specific dates or more vague descriptors (longer, shorter, same time), for frog, fish, and human.
Other divergences include the Itakura-Saito divergence, the Mahalanobis distance and the logistic loss, corresponding to F(x) = log(x),F(x) = x[[summation].
An important problem is to propose some divergences statistics for procedure tests.
And assuming the elite-everyman Korean divergence is correct, what does this really tell us?
What potential divergences exist in member countries?
Shapiro, said the analysis of genetic divergences ``cast doubt on the prevailing notion'' that all the major animal groups, or phyla, ``diverged explosively during the Cambrian or late Vendian, and instead suggest that there was an extended period of divergence,'' beginning about a billion years ago.