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I can understand that in some societies abortion can be a sensitive topic, but my divergent opinion does not overlook the fact that in some cases such as rape, abuse, economical containment and illness abortion is really a pivotal option to have.
ObamaAEs surge-and-exit announcement on Afghanistan sought to placate divergent opinion in a remarkable display of politics determining strategy.
Ruthless crushing of divergent opinion on matters of national interest can only serve to leap this country back in time.
Throughout this span of time the conflict has generated a significant flow of information, disinformation, and divergent opinion that needs no recap here.
A divergent opinion from the co-rapporteur indicated that the results of the pivotal study were sufficiently robust to support full marketing authorization in part due to the public health need for AML treatment.
We maintain this forum as one for diverse and divergent opinion.
WORCESTER - When Worcester Peace Works began demonstrating against the buildup in the American invasion of Iraq, expressions of support came far less often than yelled obscenities or the universal single-fingered salute of divergent opinion.
But just as there is no agreement among folks as to whether Jay Leno or David Letterman deserves to reign as the king of late night, there is divergent opinion on whether "The Late Shift" does their behind-the-scenes story justice.
If you enjoy improvisational discussion, divergent opinion, arcane words and a totally impromptu and refreshing style of talk, then you will enjoy Lionel.
Rehab Taba, research manager at Prime Securities, had a slightly divergent opinion.
Ambassador Kok termed the Prime Minister as a Man of Consensus and lauded his keen and swift approach for harmonizing divergent opinion.