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So while many utility companies appear to be supplying energy reliably and affordably, aggressive growth and increasing diversification is viewed warily by the diverse set of observers.
This is according to EY's 'Growth Drivers 2 report: Digging beneath the surface - Is it time to rethink diversification in the GCC?
The feature article, " Diversification Weighting Performance Analysis" details an exhaustive investigation into Gravity's alternative, process-driven methodology for index construction and portfolio optimization called Diversification Weighting.
The working paper said the diversification experience of the few successful oil exporters suggests that diversification usually takes place amid dwindling oil revenues, and requires several decades of preparatory work to develop a non-oil tradable sector.
We expect that internal capital markets and, hence, diversification are most valuable in countries where it is expensive to raise external capital.
Traditionally, the answer to this question was suggested by Stopford and Wells (1972): to pursue the dual strategies of foreign product diversification and area diversification, MNCs tend to use a matrix.
It is generally recognised that export market diversification is essential for a viable export-led growth strategy.
Other areas for diversification ideas could be farm shops or e-commerce, added-value food products, catering services, craft products, and office or workshop developments.
Based on original research from TOBAM, the FTSE TOBAM Maximum Diversification Index Series helps investors to avoid portfolio concentration.
Kenny, managing director of a company specializing in strategic planning and performance measurement, outlines a blueprint for diversification based on a close examination of the practices of a range of diversified firms and diversified units in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.
2) Alliance diversification via joint ventures, tie-ups etc.
The diversification experiment led to divestiture of those non-core assets, layoffs in the core workforce, and, eventually, sale of McDonnell Douglas to Boeing.

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