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At various stages throughout the book, Ahmed reflects on her experience of embodying the socially-structured categories of black and woman; particularly how the black woman professor and the black woman diversity officer have been represented in university settings.
Diversity-competent institutions embrace comprehensive diversity definitions that enable institutions to continue to strive for excellence.
Lever One: Write diversity into the formal mission of the institution.
Using independent industry analysis from sources such as TNS Media Intelligence, as well as data provided by the companies surveyed for our diversity list, we identify the 10 companies that are doing the most to target dollars to black consumers and other ethnic markets through black and ethnic media (see "10 Best in Marketing Diversity").
There is a great deal involved in creating an environment of broader metrics that links a company's diversity program to effective business outcomes, beyond the standard HR strategies of training and educational evaluations, customer surveys, accountability assessments and the reduction of regulatory/EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) complaints
Commenting on CBRE's business case for diversity, Konieczka said, "Every company strives for excellence, but unless you welcome and encourage diversity, you will not achieve brilliance.
But the desire to foster an inclusive corporate culture and a diverse work force is just the first of many steps necessary to achieving diversity goals.
Clearly, segregation, a limited understanding and experience of diversity by the students and a societal context of violent religious sectarianism present serious challenges for the educator wishing to teach religions studies at Stranmillis University College.
But more than this, the University of Toronto president warned against allowing "inflexible opinions" to deter us from "raising awareness" and encouraged students to move beyond "tolerance" to "celebration" of sexual diversity.
That report set diversity training, especially the mainstream and corporate varieties, in motion.
An overall pattern shows peak diversity in middle latitudes near prominent underwater geographic features, the researchers contend in an upcoming Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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