diversity of opinion

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This diversity of opinion, on a subject of which one would think none of us very well qualified to be judges, was owing to a circumstance of such every-day occurrence as almost to supersede the necessity of telling it, though the narrative would be rendered more complete by an explanation.
The consequence of this desultory kind of priesthood was, as we have already intimated, a great diversity of opinion on the more abstruse points of faith.
Come," cried the inspector, laughing; "it's a very pretty diversity of opinion.
He would no doubt be pleased to know that his book with its themes of beauty, art, pleasure, and hedonism has been generating a diversity of opinion for more than one hundred years.
Such cinema participates in public debate, promote diversity of opinion and reflection on identity, thus contributing to social change.
Heightening awareness of the ways in which groups like the Cardinal Newman Society, the Knights of Columbus and other conservative Catholic organizations work to suppress diversity of opinion or even questioning within our church is of vital importance for all who believe that faithfulness to the Gospel does not demand unthinking obedience to doctrine.
Attempts to create rigid criteria so that this diversity of opinion can be diminished only result in a rather dreary standardisation of practice.
But nevertheless we do want to see respect for basic human rights, for diversity of opinion, for genuine democracy, for the rule of law to be in place, for an independent judiciary to hold sway, we do want to see those things if the European Union and the international community are going to direct a large amount of money in the direction of these countries.
This history of Loudoun County, Virginia examines the social and political life of the region during the Civil War era and illuminates the ways in which a study of local events can provide a microcosm of the diversity of opinion and problems that faced the nation as a whole.
But isn't that an argument for strengthening police authorities - which, after all, represent a diversity of opinion through having several members - rather than directly-electing one person with the power to wield a P45?
We are strong as a discipline because of the diversity of opinion, approach, and style.
We need diversity of opinion so that we do not perish," he said.

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