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I had images of diverting and then having to explain to the OinC that if we had just waited five more minutes at our home field, we could have landed with no problems.
Prominent members of PML(N) party have been accused of diverting water from an area under the influence of two senior politicians, to Muzaffarnagar, now an abandoned town.
On the issue of fluctuating gas prices and the feasibility of such massive investment in LNG facilities, the Energy Minister said, "It is true that the prices of gas has been fluctuating in the US and therefore we are diverting our LNG to other markets where the prices of gas is based on the demand and supply dynamics.
Hospitals are deliberately delaying when they accept patients or are diverting them to different sites to meet Government targets to treat people within four hours of admitting them.
This allowed the university to achieve a goal of diverting 35 percent of all C&D debris from landfill.
Don't get me wrong; I agree that diverting a plane is an appropriate response to terrorists, hijackers, or time-release crates filled with venomous snakes that a vengeful mobster has put in the cargo hold.
Coventry City, England, have received funding to research and develop new potential end markets in the hope of diverting used plasterboard away from landfill sites.
Sending the message that Los Angeles is serious about getting out of Sunshine Canyon Landfill, the City Council voted Friday to support diverting 600 tons of trash daily to dumps in Riverside and Kings counties, even though it would cost nearly $2 million more a year.
While security should still be at the forefront of everyone's mind, does diverting an aircraft from one US airport to another really make any sense?
The term "pork barrel project" was first used a century ago to describe the practice of diverting federal funds to help individual constituents.
The incident follows the diverting to Stansted airport in Essex on Sunday of a New York-bound Olympic Airways plane after a different Athens newspaper received a bomb warning.
has been honored by the California Integrated Waste Management Board for diverting nearly two-thirds of its solid waste from the landfill.