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The company has recently proposed to abandon its business of production and sale of tissue culture business by divesting the same.
So I'm glad to see that the Norwegian government has upheld its commitment to international law, and we encourage them to continue reviewing and divesting from other companies in their portfolio that are complicit in Israeli apartheid, including Africa Israel Properties.
The company is divesting this activity through a purchase agreement with the management of the operations.
Divesting can be beneficial to clients and CPAs alike for the very reasons the Pareto Principle identifies.
Uncertainty about the true values of the divested assets, to the outside shareholders of the divesting firms and to the buyers, may be resolved over time.
However, given the difficulty and cost of divesting a major subsidiary, it is assumed that almost one in five firms divesting was not due to random chance but rather to a significant event (i.
The transaction was part of an ongoing programme of divesting unprofitable activities and focusing on Atlantic routes and the business area Special Tonnage, B&N Nordsjofrakt said.