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The company has recently proposed to abandon its business of production and sale of tissue culture business by divesting the same.
We are divesting and reinvesting to align our portfolio with our values, accelerate the growth in renewable energy, and protect the long term value of our investments," said Richard Woo, Chief Executive Officer of The Russell Family Foundation.
So I'm glad to see that the Norwegian government has upheld its commitment to international law, and we encourage them to continue reviewing and divesting from other companies in their portfolio that are complicit in Israeli apartheid, including Africa Israel Properties.
CalPERS spokesman Clark McKinley added that the agency believes it can be more effective in persuading corporations to change their policies by exerting influence as a major stockholder, rather than giving up that leverage by divesting from those companies.
Divesting can be beneficial to clients and CPAs alike for the very reasons the Pareto Principle identifies.
Uncertainty about the true values of the divested assets, to the outside shareholders of the divesting firms and to the buyers, may be resolved over time.
In July, UANI announced the results of a three month-long investigation into the influence of Iran and Hizballah in the Lebanese banking system (LBS) and Lebanon's sovereign bond market, and announced a campaign to compel legitimate financial institutions into divesting from Lebanon's bond market.
Divesting the biological graft will not have a material effect on the company's financial statements.
We applaud Erste-Sparinvest for quickly divesting from Lebanese bonds.
Divesting from the three banks to protest their actions, as some are considering, would cost the city up to $590,000, according to the report by City Administrator Keith Comrie and Chief Legislative Analyst Ron Deaton.
The company is divesting this activity through a purchase agreement with the Management of this activity.
Divesting the bus operation can hardly change these factors if the bus operation covers the same area with the same level of service.