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This is the beginning of an avalanche," RL Miller, chair of the California Democratic Party's environmental caucus, who helped build support for fossil fuel divestment, told InsideClimate News.
The conference, Acting on Pope Francis' Call: Divestment and Investment in Care for Our Common Home, will focus on practical considerations, including case studies from organizations that have divested, building support for divestment, opportunities in renewable energy and communication strategies.
Earlier, TEL was held for divestment in the Renaissance Services accounts.
Added to this, the study reveals the most problematic area of a divestment to be around understanding precisely what is being sold.
The Chairman Privatization Commission, Mohammad Zubair along with Secretary, Ahmed Nawaz Sukhera briefed the Finance Minister about the divestment process undertaken by the Commission till date.
For many companies, divestments are a key path to achieving growth, and 74% of respondents used funds from their most recent divestment for growth.
activists have pressed for boycotts of Israeli products and cultural events, and divestment by churches and others.
After months of hard work, it is gratifying to witness the Senate answer our call and affirm our efforts towards divestment.
Moreover, divestment would help accelerate that shift, by starving the industry of investment capital -- or at least raising the cost of capital to firms carrying out irresponsible oil, gas, and coal exploration and development, despite the urgent need to cut back.
Finance Minister Ishaq Dar while chairing a briefing session by the Privatization Commission which outlined the future programme of privatization of key public entities directed the PC to reconvene in a few days for further deliberations on divestment of Discos and HBL.
The divestment resolution targets companies that divestment supporters say supply electronic and earth-moving equipment that helps Israel violate Palestinian rights.
Carol Hylkema of the Israel/Palestine Mission Network, a Presbyterian group that advocates for Palestinians and spearheaded the drive for divestment, said their action was modeled on the divestment movement to end apartheid in South Africa," the report said.