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Eversheds' study suggests that changes in the commercial and regulatory landscape have made deals less certain and more complex, with divestments taking longer to complete -- with most companies spending on average three to six months on a routine deal, increasing to one to two years for larger deals.
For many companies, divestments are a key path to achieving growth, and 74% of respondents used funds from their most recent divestment for growth.
Divestments will continue to be fueled not only by activists' demands, but as a result of management teams' preemptive portfolio reviews and ongoing portfolio fine-tuning.
presidents -- is the largest yet to endorse divestment at a churchwide convention, and the vote follows a decade of debate -- and a close call at the assembly two years ago, when divestment failed by only two votes.
Operating profit for the second quarter of 2012, excluding exchange rate effects, divestments and items affecting comparability increased by 16% compared with the same period a year ago.
British broker KBC Peel Hunt and re-insurer Secura are also among the potential divestments, the paper said.
the divestments of Bite and SBC, sale and lease back of properties as well as
Six operating units are also set to go as part of a divestment initiative, reducing the company's paper and board capacity by 530,000 metric tons/yr, pulp capacity by 305,000 metric tons/yr and sawing capacity by 340,000 m3.
A well-known Palestinian theologian has urged Canadian churches to follow the lead of the Presbyterian Church in America, which voted recently for a selective divestment from Israel.
The profile also includes detailed deal reports for all M&A, private equity, public offering, venture financing, partnership and divestment transactions undertaken by HMV Group PLC.
In the fast moving Tech sector, half of executives said the biggest trend prompting them to consider divestments is big data and analytics developments, followed by cloud innovations and mobile as companies re-evaluate their core business and competitive positions.
The government today received the Office of Fair Trading s (OFT) recommendations in its report on the impact of the divestments currently being made by Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) in increasing choice and competition in the banking sector.