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0% had a length of five years) and the rentable space was considered to be identical and dividable perfectly to smaller areas, i.
A dividable boot space allows the ability to hide plenty of kit out of sight, and includes a handy shelf.
Business travellers will benefit from 235 sq m of dividable meeting space with the latest AV technology.
Palestine is not dividable, Palestine is fully one single country and there is no other home than Palestine for the Palestinians and the Palestinian nation will not give up even a span of its homeland," Maher al-Taher told FNA on Wednesday.
The hotel offers more than 20,000 square feet of event space, including a the 5,300-square-foot Grand Ballroom with a windowed pre-function area, plus the dividable Cobalt Ballroom, ten smaller meeting rooms and an executive boardroom.
ProgrammableFlow can virtualize Layer 2 and Layer 3 network routes, and is dividable across multiple tenants by using controller functions, without dealing with physical layout.
These facilities also have many reconfigurable, dividable classrooms for varying class sizes and large bay areas that can support multiple platforms.
In botany a rhizome is an underground rootstalk, tuber, or bulb, horizontally elongated, that under the right conditions will produce stems above and roots below: continuous outcroppings that can split off and become new, dividable plants in turn.
So, even the study of one disease became a dividable concept.
Physicians are dividable into those who prefer coding themselves because they feel responsible for the economic future of their clinical departments and into those who reject coding as an administrative burden and thus demand clinical coders.