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Although corticosteroids are the main drugs for the treatment of AIHA, it should not be used in divided doses as subtitution treatment as of surrenal insufficiency; which has been applied previously; Rather it should be given at once around 6 a.
In a randomized phase III clinical trial, the three Glumetza regimens studied (1500 mg/day once daily, 1500 mg/day divided dose, and 2000 mg/day once daily) provided decreases in A1C, fasting plasma glucose and fructosamine levels that were as effective as those observed with 1500 mg/day immediate-release metformin divided dose.
5-1 g/m2 (body surface area) as fine granule] of flecainide acetate daily in two to three divided doses.
Start with 100 U/kg/week subcutaneously in two divided doses.
About AbbVie's Investigational Two Direct-Acting Antiviral HCV Treatment AbbVie's proposed all-oral antiviral treatment consists of the fixed-dose combination of ABT-450/ritonavir (150/100mg) co-formulated with ombitasvir (25mg) dosed once daily, co-administered with weight-based ribavirin (1000mg or 1200mg in divided doses twice daily).
Strangely, when a person becomes sick, s/he can take far more without this side effect: as much as 20 to 100-plus grams a day, in divided doses.
In an 8-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled parallel group pilot study, 53 subjects suffering from mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis were administered Curcumin C3 Complex along with the natural bioavailability enhancer BioPerine (black pepper extract, Piper nigrum) in three divided doses.
5 mg was prescribed after 3 days and titrated to 1 mg in divided doses.
5 mg Dilaudid (hydromorphone), followed by an additional 2 mg in divided doses over the next 4 hours.
The prescribed dose of misoprostol in the study regimens ranged from 200 to 6,400 mcg; in most cases, the drug was given in one dose, but in 13 groups women received divided doses over 1-7 days.
All patients were treated with oral propranolol (2 mg/kg/day in divided doses administered 3 times daily); they were not concurrently receiving any other treatment.
Ron Fessenden, MD, has found that many diabetics do best when they eat three to five tablespoons of honey a day in divided doses.