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It focuses on the doubleness and dividedness of this reponse, and it argues that Arnold wavers in an unstable but poetically productive way between seeking to establish his distance from Romantic poetry and conceding its hold over his imagination.
provide, rather than such a vision, examples of human dividedness, of willingness to pursue too often a dialogue little connected to pressing life issues, of genuinely bad behavior over policy on the Middle East, or other matters.
While this is a potentially fecund situation, it is also one of multiplicity, dividedness, and even more importantly, one suspects, a creeping sense of futility.
The Berlin Wall is held up as anothe r example of human dividedness, as is the biblical story of A dam and Eve.
Randomly, the American mind-set of dividedness, fascination with polarity and acceptance of disparity can also be seen reflected by the abiding interest in the Beauty and the Beast, the Hip and the Square, Marilyn Monroe's larger-than-life blend of infantilism-innocence and voluptuousness-seductivness, or by the dogged adherence to two-party politics, as well by the paradoxical conjunction of equally strong federalism and presidentialism.
4) They cite the Tiananmen Square massacres in China and the dividedness that in the US resulted from the traumatic Vietnam war, as sources of compensatory hysteria in the cinemas of those nations.
Whitman's "Out of the Cradle" reaches a vision of a universe in which death is the blessed rescue from the bitterness of fundamental loss, fundamental dividedness.
Like other Harris characters who partake of several dimensions of being, the inmates are both dead and alive, ordinary men yet dual personalities, who in their schizophrenic dividedness impersonate famous historical figures like Montezuma, Leonardo, or Socrates.
While a quality of the protagonist - an inner dividedness - that distinguishes tragedy from all other genres, especially melodrama, is indicated by Judas's line "[Jesus] has split my soul in two," it does not make him a tragic hero.
A preachment that recusant wives risk bearing two-headed babies remains sensational, even when rooted in and explicitly connected to an educated consideration of England's religious dividedness.
Literary history used to be written in the Old School types of Literary Studies departments, which were usually organized by language; and so Irish literature was placed on the Procrustes bed of its linguistic dividedness.
Writing to William Henley in December 1888, shortly after their first meeting, Wilde encouraged him to embrace the diversity and dividedness of contemporary opinion of his work, adding that 'The worst of posterity is that it has but one voice.