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Divider on left (drawing and top picture), storage area behind shower (right picture), and tiled floor change look of rectangular room.
Sandwich the divider basted to the handle between the two remaining divider pieces; have all hemmed edges facing the same direction.
A Divider, Not a Uniter examines the Bush agenda and the political strategies used for implementing it, including such key events as The Iraq War, the Terri Schiavo case, and the response to Hurricane Katrina.
A firefighter walks away from the pickup that jumped the freeway center divider in Camarillo on Friday, backing up traffic.
The 80kg spiral mixer operates with a divider designed to enter the bowl and divide the dough one portion at a time from inside the mixer bowl.
Built into dividers separating kitchens and dining rooms, the counters appear only when they're needed.
The Roadway Express Sealed Divider Service provides a secure transportation environment that eliminates handling and co-mingling of shipments.
Roadway Sealed Divider Service was developed to address specific customer needs, such as safe transport of fragile products and verifiable security to meet new, stricter government regulations.
The bespoke, 26 tonne, multi-temperature bodies, which are mounted on Mercedes Atego 1823 4x2 chassis, have been specified with longitudinal dividers and lateral moving bulkheads to cater for the Brakes chilled, frozen and ambient distribution operation.
The PLL is optimized for clock applications and consists of a programmable reference divider, a low-noise phase frequency detector, a precision charge pump, and a programmable feedback divider.
south of Avenue I after the southbound vehicle, for an unknown reason, drifted into the center divider, CHP officers said.
The SY89871U, SY89872U, SY89873L, SY89874U, SY89875U and SY89876L clock divider solutions have been released to production, and pricing starts at $4.