dividing point

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Gun control is a contentious dividing point in American politics in the wake of many mass shootings.
Until 2014, a QRS interval of 150 msec and higher (considered "wide") was the dividing point for who needs CRT.
Same-sex marriage is a dividing point that the church cannot allow.
It is dividing point between the caracara and the handout mountains ranges.
For many younger Christians, the death penalty is not a political dividing point but a human rights issue.
99) More than 50 years since the then Minister of War, John Profumo, was forced to resign from the government after being caught in a lie, the scandal that came to mark the dividing point between the post-war consensus and a more permissive era continues to fascinate.
In these models, the dividing point (also known as the break point [10]) between two slopes separates the whole process into two segments.
Another curious thing is that this possibility is also the dividing point between KNC and PYD.
Ministers from Austria, Estonia, Luxembourg, Lithuania and Latvia said that ANC reform was still a major dividing point.
However, it is only just above the 50-point mark, which is viewed as the dividing point between expansion and contraction.
double predestination, which was a dividing point with Lutherans; and
Traditionally, a ford on the fledgling River Severn - at a point called Rhydwhyman - served as the dividing point between the Welsh and the English folk, and this is no more than a stone's throw from Montgomery.