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On the popularity of such divinatory practices see Yi Pyongdo [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], Koryo sidae Hi yon'gu: t'ukhi chiri toch'am sasang uipalchon ul chungsim Uro (Seoul: Uryu Munhwasa, 1954).
The permutation of yin and yang and dao (the way) or law of change is expressed by divinatory signs and symbols and they serve as a "universal model uniting celestial, terrestrial and human laws" (Yang, 2006, p.
The following essay, "Sango's Eerindinlogun Divinatory System" (chapter four) by George Olusola Ajibade, is a much more straightforward and practical entry, outlining the importance and use of divination systems in Yoruba spirituality and giving a concise description of Sango's unique system.
Last of all, the shaman installs the divinatory blocks, the gouge and the punch with which spirit money is cut and carved; and the domestic gods of folk culture, the Fourth Official, the god of Wealth and the god of Medicine, all of whom have places of honor on shelves hung on the uphill wall of any (H)mong house.
Similar patterns surround demonic magic, astrological image magic, and a host of other divinatory texts.
There is evidence that Roman mancala was a game and not, for example, a divinatory or calculating device.
His work embodies the philosophy of the Yoruba religious and divinatory system of Ifa, which intersects with Vodoun, one of the most important traditional belief systems of Benin.
The local shamans hold in great reverence these massive mountains and invoke their spirits as living beings, and as the source of their healing and divinatory powers.
As you well know, learned reader, that scene did not in fact begin with Lucius' recounting of Diophanes' prophecy, but with Pamphile's 'reading' of the house-lamp, Milo's skeptical jab at her divinatory power and Lucius' impassioned defence of divination in general, which leads into his tale of Diophanes.
The divinatory repetition of types and anti-types found throughout the work of this Puritan parson who writes as an artist resurfaces in the next-to-last poem of Stevens' Collected Poems, published in 1954, the year before his death.
In July, another team from Johns Hopkins published a follow-up to some 2006 research on psilocybin, a plant alkaloid contained in "sacred mushrooms" that's been used historically for religious, divinatory, and healing purposes.
It was, however, only in the eighteenth century that Tarot evolved from a game to a divinatory tool, and it was the later twentieth century before its applications in meditative and other creative exercises became popular and artists and querent-readers began to use it for the analysis and re-articulation of various cultural traditions, including the quest.