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com/science/article/pii/S0019103516307795) The study , titled "Evidence for surface water ice in the lunar polar regions using reflectance measurements from the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter and temperature measurements from the Diviner Lunar Radiometer Experiment," was published in the journal Icarus.
In the case of divinatory narrations, the diviner has the main responsibility for identifying the points of chronotopic insertion (28).
Not only could they leave Diviner on, but also a star tracker and its associated heaters for improved navigation.
This is the line that propels the narrative of The Water Diviner (2014), which Crowe directed.
In the second book in The Diviners series, Bray tantalizes the reader, unraveling plot twists and secrets until the final hair-raising conclusion.
He is at the mercy of the diviner in the desperate quest to know the truth about his wife's death.
Crowe made his directorial debut on The Water Diviner in which he stars as an Australian farmer who travels to Turkey after the Battle of Gallipoli in a desperate bid to find his three missing sons.
4) offered by the diviner who wrote this report, the chief scribe Issar-sumu-eres, are all overwhelmingly positive and cover multiple facets of the land, including the status of the religious climate, the army, the monarchy, and livestock.
Diviner 2000; Sentek Technologies Pty Ltd 2003) the volumetric water content ([[theta].
These accounts also give information on how the closest equivalent to the US mental health profession in their nation interacts with other local counseling professions such as nurse, priest/lay counselor, traditional physician, shaman, family/community leader, diviner, or social worker.
In southern Africa there are two main types of traditional practitioners: the herbalist (Zulu inyanga; Xhosa ixhwele; Tsonga nyanga; Sotho ngaka) and the diviner (Zulu isangoma; Xhosa igqirha lokuvumisa; Tsonga mungome; Sotho selaodi).