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Agnes,' said Uriah, either not regarding him, or not knowing what the nature of his action was, 'Agnes Wickfield is, I am safe to say, the divinest of her sex.
We spoke to the divinest warbler of them all - and she was funny, smart and not diva-ish at all.
It is not a revelation in the thing spent most attention to the tiniest divinest thing as though that looking blinks out the universe and the cotton fibers roosting in Filch's lungs.
He asks, "How then shall I [Spenser], Apprentice of the skill, / That whilome in divinest wits did rayne, / Presume so high to stretch mine humble quill?
12) One could argue, though with some difficulty, for a common reference for both texts in the famous passage from Gorgias' Encomium of Helen: "Speech is a powerful lord, which by means of the finest and most invisible body effects the divinest works: it can stop fear and banish grief and create joy and nurture pity" (Sprague 50-4).
MONKEY SEE Observation and labelling for crafty little games, Triumphant operations from sticking on the names, We are the monkeys with the divinest aims, Happy in the knowledge God built all the frames.
For difference is the soul of life and love, And not the barren oneness weak souls prize: Rest springs from strife, and dissonant chords beget Divinest harmonies.
In "Much madness is divinest sense", Dickinson (1960: 8) reflects on how it is enough to demure, and "--you're straightway dangerous"; and as such deserving to be "handled with a chain".
Much Madness Is Divinest Sense': Firefly's 'Big Damn Heroes' and Little Witches.