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Curley dismisses the Professional Jockeys' Association, the National Trainers' Federation and the Racehorse Owners' Association as being divisively factional and led by those who have no desire to make waves in order that progress be made.
158) But the existence of visible victims greatly increases the probability that a race-conscious practice will become publicly salient and divisively so.
I'm interested in what women can achieve when they work together in groups, rather than divisively compete for male attention.
China today is not the burgeoning bastion of Maoism that entered the Korean War in 1950, nor is the political paradigm the same bipolar schism of interests that so divisively partitioned Korea after World War II.
Regulations against unoccasioned main involvements or overtaxing side involvements (especially when either of these represents an auto-involvement) seem to ensure that the individual will not become embroiled divisively in matters that incorporate only himself; regulations against intense mutual-involvement provide the same assurances about the conduct of a subset of those present.
Moreover, those who dismiss black women's claims to a rightful wage must be questioned and challenged: it is they who undermine the future of the race by thinking divisively and hierarchically, not black women.
This development, Peacock argues, has led to a situation in which race has been effectively, and divisively, institutionalized in American government.
He also does not appear to have sufficient legitimacy, clout, or will to stake out a bold diplomatic course for Iran by clearly and divisively aligning himself with either the hard-liners or pragmatists.
Large scale loss of life," for example, can result from legitimate acts of self-defense, or a state's failure to respond effectively to an epidemic, or to warn its coastal population in a timely manner of a tsunami, or to see its public officials govern so badly, divisively, or corruptly that the state "fails" and some type of anarchy results.
The Florida Bar should not patronize, participate in, or pander to the race-based industry that divisively seeks to distinguish and to benefit favored groups based on dubious criteria including skin color.
One hallmark of our collaboration of faculty and staff across disciplines and divisions is that we openly compared our work in curious and synergistic ways, rather than competitively and divisively.