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What is essential for the AKP -- and the country as a whole -- is to continue in this centrist direction and move beyond the divisiveness of the past.
We thus decline to reach a decision whether, under these circumstances, the Board reached the correct or incorrect conclusion on the divisiveness of the subject matter of the amicus brief supporting the trial court's decision on the constitutionality of the legislative prohibition against adoption by homosexuals.
Accordingly, I believe that in the flat world, our profession has the potential to be a difference maker that unites people in a time when divisiveness is the order of the day.
Messianic Judaism Is Not Christianity" is highly recommended reading for both the clergy and those members of a Christian congregation having to deal with the attractions and divisiveness of the appealing heresy.
but it was a mission forsaken almost from the beginning, and its abandonment has been accompanied by a history of political pressures, divisiveness, and political intervention from a wide range of fronts.
But I struggle to connect them with war, terror, divisiveness over issues of sexuality, cancer,.
Around this sorry incident are themes of honor, privilege, the divisiveness of competition, budding sexuality, loyalty, one's image, and religious intolerance.
one of the founding participants, announced its withdrawal from the group earlier this week, citing the growing divisiveness within the furniture industry caused by the petition as a reason.
Religious Right groups will no doubt try to spread hysteria about the decision, and I hope the American people firmly reject their overheated appeals to intolerance and divisiveness.
The main parties have metamorphosed into one homogeneous, unrepresentative mass and the members of the Assembly sitting in Cardiff might as well be based in Timbuctoo, as the vast majority of the electorate, if not exactly disenfranchised, feel irredeemably disconnected from the divisiveness and double standards of party politics.
J effrey Knapp, conversely, investigating the paradox between the Protestant ban on biblical drama and the extensive participation of churchmen in play production, finds in Shakespeare a total absence of sectarian commitment, which he attributes not to secularism but to a fear of the potential divisiveness such sectarianism could provoke.
More often than not, the Textile Workers Union of America acceded to southern segregation, hoping thereby to avoid the divisiveness of racial politics and gain white union representation in the textile mills.