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Most broadly, we concluded that uniform DTW pricing and divorcement harm consumers.
5 percent lower prices with company-owned stations than with divorcement.
As noted previously, this benefit is due to the elimination of the double markup present with divorcement.
Policies like divorcement and uniform pricing actually harm consumers rather than help them.
In its report, the Committee made a number of strong recommendations, such as retail divorcement (or price regulation if divorcement is rejected), a prohibition of petroleum product sales below acquisition cost, and that refiners must charge the same rack price to all customers.
See Barron and Umbeck (1984) and Blass and Carlton (2001) for empirical analyses of the efficiency effects of divorcement laws.
The authors could not obtain estimates for demographic factors such as income and population density or for competitive conditions such as distance, number of terminals, and divorcement regulations because the data are time-invariant.
She made her screen debut in LaCava's The Age of Consent (1932) and followed with roles in Bill of Divorcement (1932) with Katharine Hepburn, Roman Scandals (1932) and most notably took dubbing duties for Greta Garbo on Grand Hotel (1932).
In The Distant Sound that loss of contour suggests a defeat, a final divorcement from the outside world, while in Awakening to the Great Sleep War, the main character Bergmuller achieves a kind of nirvana, a quietly ecstatic unity or kinship with the world around him in a closing scene of transcendent beauty.
Bishop Dionisije's readjustment of position includes divorcement from the extreme nationalist campaign which has been carried on in the United States by the Serbian National Defense Council, and, coincidentally with the recall of Ambassador Fotich, a decision to end the public support heretofore given by the Bishop to General Draza Mihailovich.