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Our results also do not coincide with those of the studies by Griffiths (2003), Kasperskaya (2008), and Farneti and Guthrie (2008), who observed that at the base of the BSC implementation in public organizations there was the accomplishment of legal requirements in regard to the submission and divulgation of reports on strategic control, probably because these do not exist in Portugal.
Des lois exigeant la divulgation pourraient-elles faire en sorte que des personnes evitent les tests de serodiagnostic du VIH, car elles seraient alors tenues de divulguer leur seropositivite?
Ces auteurs ont ainsi tente de mettre en exergue les variables explicatives de la divulgation d'informations financieres sur Internet.
This new species is dedicated to our common friend and inspirer, Walter Arp (1927-2006), painter, naturalist and poet who for more than fifty years dedicated himself to the study, illustration and divulgation of the Venezuelan bird fauna.
Mais ce droit ne se limite pas a la divulgation de donnees intimes, il concerne aussi la vie professionnelle, et notamment celle qui s'exerce sous le regime du salariat.
La production d'un fichier de microdonnees a grande diffusion faisait aussi partie du plan de diffusion, afin de diffuser les microdonnees a grande echelle tout en protegeant la confidentialite des Canadiens grace a une analyse approfondie des risques de divulgation avant la diffusion.
No artifices, only the visual divulgation of a form by the differentiation of the positive and negative spaces by a specific contour.
He revealed that he does not consider as an error, the mechanism of strategic divulgation that he uses "because each one is doing what should be done, what is important is the result.
Before consolidation of instruction could fully consolidate the divulgation of literary literature (so to speak), those means of communication--thanks to the spoken word, images and sound (which can overcome what in the written text are limitations for those who are not accustomed to a certain tradition)--enabled an ever greater number of people to participate more readily in that share of dreams and emotion that used to assure the traditional prestige of books.
Je suis fier du comportement de mes ministres pendant notre mandat, mais il y a eu quelques cas ou la divulgation des faits et une demission s'imposaient.
publication--that is to make use of their droit de divulgation.
They barred broader divulgation of their writings at times when "misconstruction" was likely, as More in 1532 said he would burn works of his own if anyone would translate them into English in "'these days in which men.