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Any official whose period of employment is terminated is prohibited from divulging any classified information or documents he may acquire or he may have access to and whose disclosure is banned under the provisions of this law.
He was charged with divulging confidential information and disclosure of classified data pertaining to a government institution.
Arrested in 1986, Vanunu was convicted two years later for divulging information and pictures of the Dimona reactor.
During the past year phishing scams enticed 57 million users into divulging their personal information.
Summary: DUBAI - A former Indian accountant of Etisalat stood trial in the Court of First Instance on Tuesday on the charge of divulging the names of customers of the telecommunications company to an official of the Indian Consulate.
The IRS is prohibited from divulging the applicant's information to immigration authorities.
These fraudulent messages are designed to fool the recipients into divulging personal data such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers and passwords, social security numbers, etc.
Summary: DUBAI - The Court of First Instance acquitted on Sunday a public officer, an employee at the Naturalisation and Residency Department of Sharjah and a woman translator of charges of divulging of confidential information, threat, impersonation of a police officer and abuse of Etisalat services.
from divulging his identity and saying that ``A View From Within'' is, in fact, not a company employee.
com allows them to search for a financial professional using a broad array of advisor attributes; learn about and sample advisors' investment ideas; review advisors' online message boards; and ask questions and correspond with advisors via email without divulging their identity.
Summary: DUBAI - A former customer service officer of a local bank stood trial in the Court of First Instance on Monday on the charges of attempted embezzlement and divulging of confidential information.
However unjust the Manley case might seem, a lawyer is bound by the rules of ethics and evidence that prevent him from divulging most information he learns in private talks with his client.