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Georgia is the easiest place in emerging Europe to do business, shows the World Banks Doing Business report and this achievement was recognised at todays conference held in Washington, D.
For the unversed, the Ease of Doing Business report is based on how easy it is for companies to do business as well takes in account certain regulations based on ten parameters including starting a business, getting electricity, dealing with construction permits and paying taxes among others.
The "highest jump" in ranking was possible as significant improvements in all the 10 judging parameters were made in last three-four years "so that it becomes easy to do business in India", Jaitley said.
The latest report, Doing Business 2016: Measuring Regulatory Quality and Efficiency, shows Mexico moving from 42nd to 38th place in terms of the easiest countries in which to do business, and up 11 places (from 103 to 92) in rankings of the country's tax regime.
It disregards the fact that countries like the Philippines have islands of excellence such as those operated by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority [that] were precisely established in order for investors to easily do business in the Philippines, Purisima explained.
A new World Bank Group report finds that 85 percent of economies in Europe and Central Asia implemented at least one regulatory reform aimed at making it easier for local entrepreneurs to do business in 2013/14, a larger percentage than in any other region.
Singapore continues to be the economy where it is easier to do business, but they continue to try and reform, and that is actually a trend we see across the globe, actually, the OECD members that are high income are on average the economies that do better but actually over sixty percent reformed, implemented at least one reform this year, and in particular one of the top ten improvers this year is Ireland, that improved in three areas, for instance, in registering property or in the functioning of courts to enforce a commercial dispute.
The cumulative ranking based on how easy it is to do business is done in relation to ten indicators and encompasses 189 economies.
Many African economies have made it to the top 50 list of the world's best places to do business, with Rwanda retaining its dominance as Africa's best place to start a business through a radical reform of its business rules, a World Bank group report released on Tuesday confirmed.
In two-thirds of the region's economies, the report records 27 reforms between June 2007 and June 2008 that make it easier to do business.
Now in an updated, revised, and significantly expanded second edition, "Doing Business With Jordan: A Guide To Investment Opportunities & Business Practices" is an indispensable reference for any business or company seeking to do business in the Middle Eastern country of Jordan.