do business with

See: deal, patronize
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Lists of companies that do business with the Sudan is available from the Sudan Divestment Task Force at www.
Besides, it's good for a company s image and their bottom line because suppliers will want to do business with them, talented people will want to work with them and customers will want to buy their products.
If not withdrawn, the regulations will dampen the business climate in Maryland and impair the State's ability to attract competitive bids from vendors seeking to do business with the State.
We've heard from a number of COSE members that they'd like to find tech companies willing to do business with, and support, smaller companies," says Brad Nellis, Director of NEOSA (the COSE Technology Network).
How does a small or medium sized business set out to do business with the World Bank?
In-depth and insightful knowledge is key to any investor or entrepreneur who wants to do business with China.
eCitydeals was conceived and founded by Kosmont, the owner of Kosmont Partners, a consulting firm that specializes in helping the public and private sectors do business with each other.
Further demonstrating its commitment to providing total business solutions, Minolta Peripheral Products Division (PPD) is announcing three new product service programs that offer Minolta channel partners and customers even higher levels of service, a more streamlined way of doing business and stronger proof that Minolta is an "easy company to do business with.