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This was deemed doable," says Clement in fielding a question via telephone from Thunder Bay media on why Lakehead wasn't granted equal status in the endeavour.
Linda Roberts, division sales manager for Florida Builder Appliances, sees healthier cuisine as a doable trend for the new year thanks to new steam-cooking ovens and countertop units from such high-end suppliers as Miele and Gaggenau.
Across the country, a model that seems to be most doable has groups of parishes sharing parish nurses.
With attention to including dairy foods in the diet, it's very doable," he says.
A reporter covering the event laughs at her for the absurdity of the suggestion, and even as she realizes-and we with her-in exactly what way the suggestion is absurd, we also understand the simplicity, the logic, the utterly sensible and obvious rightness of the proposal, and just how doable the transfer of funds from military "defense" to civilian welfare might be-were our leaders so inclined.
Telling yourself, "I'm going to present my ideas at the next meeting," is a doable goal.
there was no one who could say that such and such should cost less or should be doable faster.
The idea of making the movie sounded almost doable when Hiaasen, Shriner and Buffett met one day on Key West for a lunch of grouper sandwiches.
On the positive side, a three percent level of annual improvement is doable, at least, for those suppliers that are truly lean.
It's important for us to go after that which is doable and not go after something that we know is beyond our reach," he stated.
IPTs allow all stakeholders and industry representatives to work together before the contract is in place, to help ensure that the requirements are comprehensive, solution oriented and doable.
So, in summary, on the subject of motivation, you may find it helpful to tell your patients/clients that: it is a mental process; that it's always there in most of us but frequently needs to be activated; internal factors are usually much more effective in mobilizing motivation than are external ones; feelings of guilt usually don't work over the long run to effectuate the activation process; and that the key to "getting motivated", in most cases, is taking control of the situation and setting doable goals for oneself first, before doing anything else.