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They turned out into the street, the small priest trundling after them with the docility of a small dog.
Let our simplicity judge them, and our docility to our own law demonstrate the poverty of nature and fortune beside our native riches.
She had in the course of a few weeks brought the invalid to such a state of helpless docility, that the poor soul yielded herself entirely to her sister's orders, and did not even dare to complain of her slavery to Briggs or Firkin.
I looked over my shoulder as I passed the doorway, and saw to my surprise that he was exhibiting the docility of the birds in his most engagingly polite manner to the housekeeper.
He helped his sister with blind love and docility in her household duties.
Gaffer was not there, but a pretty strong muster of Miss Abbey's pupils were, who exhibited, when occasion required, the greatest docility.
The book sustains the argument that agency and self-interest informed producerist Methodism, not social control by elites, nor a "bottom up manifestation of collective lobotomization" (15), nor "pious docility, otherworldly transcendence, or feminized obedience" (44).
Engendering a Nation attributes to a changing conception of nation and kingship the fact that women are more threatening in the first tetralogy than in the second: the overpowering menace of Joan la Pucelle and Margaret yields to the powerless docility of Hotspur's Kate, Mortimer's wife, and Princess Katherine in Henry V - and already in Richard III, Margaret's power disappears.
Judging by his current state of docility I suspect Andrew's been getting industrial strength doses.
Any regional assemblies will, one suspects, be remembered for corruption a la Poulson and T Dan Smith and political bigotry towards the counties and of course the invasion of the open countryside, let alone docility to Brussels and its questionable STATS Committee.
These debates are driven by contrasting moral visions of the proper authority of teachers and the proper docility of students.