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STEVEDORE. A person employed in loading and unloading vessels. Dunl. Adm. Pr. 98. Vide Arrameurs; Sac

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By far the largest job-related exposure impact was the past use of diesel-powered forklifts on terminal docks, and we identified forklift engine type as a major source of variability within the dockworker job group.
First, that contract covers all West Coast ports -- if dockworkers want to gain leverage by slowing the flow of cargo, shipping lines have no easy alternatives.
cries Karl Malden, playing a Catholic priest also shamed by Edie into doing the right thing by the dockworkers.
Eldest son and dockworker John O'Brien strives for a better life: one that almost seems within his grasp when he meets a beautiful young teacher.
In recent days, the union said companies are exaggerating the extent of congestion so they can cut dockworker shifts and pressure negotiators into a contract agreement.
I see myself as a kind of idle rich person" - Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting and son of a dockworker "Men couldn't care less - they generally just want women to have a wash, bring beer, show up and strip off" - Commentator Julie Burchill, above, on women who pamper themselves with beauty treatments "I went to run a bath only to find two lobsters happily living in the tub.
One dockworker said: "It was a bit grubby but it was moved on Friday and three Egyptian guys were working on it.
The majority of the switching was between the dockworker (nondriver) and combination worker/P&D driver job titles.
FORMER dockworker Lesley Bibby has swapped one physical job for another.
The retired dockworker raced outside without even stopping to put on his shoes or socks and chased the youths away.
Blue-collar dockworker Ray (Cruise) has custody of his 15-year- old son, Robbie (Justin Chatwin), and young daughter, Rachel (Dakota Fanning), for a couple of days while his ex-wife (Miranda Otto) goes to visit her parents with her new husband.
After kicking around the province of Lucca in his youth, as a mechanic, farmer, marble cutter, and dockworker, in 1896 Pea set off for Alexandria, where he frequented anarchist circles, befriended the poet Giuseppe Ungaretti, and became an importer of Italian marble and maker of furniture (Pound, himself a carpenter a ses heures, would later describe Pea's prose thus: He "writes like a man who could make a good piece of mahogany furniture").