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Although the supervisors expressed a view that concise and uniformly followed requirements of doctoral dissertations would be necessary, can an excessive effort to standardize the requirements lead to situations where people may operate within limited paradigms or use limited range of methodologies?
The process used to identify doctoral programs in health education and the faculty members affiliated with each program is outlined in Figure 1.
Today, over 220 of those scholarship recipients have successfully completed their doctoral programs and are professors at universities throughout the country.
The Canadian Government continued to reduce its support for doctoral students, following a disputed reform of the funding system that placed greater emphasis on the economic benefits of research.
Doctoral students and faculty, mark your calendars for the GNLC Doctoral Symposium on November 1st at the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing
The project began with a review of posted curricular information from the websites of doctoral programs.
The Minority Doctoral Student Associations, formed by The PhD Project to combat the 25 percent attrition rate among business doctoral students.
Six statements were presented to doctoral student participants to indicate the extent to which they agreed with each statement on a scale ranging from 1 (Strongly Disagree) to 5 (Strongly Agree).
Instruction is another educational goal of the doctoral accounting programs because most graduates find employment as faculty at higher educational institutions.
Doctoral education in all fields is a current concern in higher education in the United States, reflected in recent national initiatives on doctoral education by the Council of Graduate Schools and others (DeNeef, 2006) and the Carnegie Foundation (Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 2006; Golde, Walker, & Associates, 2006).
Fitting the mold of graduate school: A qualitative study of socialization in doctoral education.
These institutions conferred slightly more than 850,000 master's and doctoral degrees in 2009-10, with just over 178,000 (21 percent) awarded to students of color.

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