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When combined with other sources of funding, the University currently hosts nearly 1,100 doctoral students working within the EPSRC remit.
Exhibit 1, however, shows significant differences between doctoral and non-doctoral programs with respect to the percentage of faculty holding the CPA license.
The organization focuses on the main cause of minority under-representation in corporate careers and persuades professionals who are considering leaving their careers to enter doctoral programs in business.
Because the perceptions and attitudes of DH educators regarding the establishment of doctoral programs in DH had not been identified, we created an online survey to answer the following research questions: What are the perceptions and attitudes of DH educators regarding the needs for establishing doctoral programs in DH?
The psychosocial issues influencing doctoral student socialization for historically marginalized students are numerous and have far-reaching effects on our system of education.
The Chairman appreciated the French Government and higher education institutions for academic collaboration with Pakistan in the shape of doctoral and post-doctoral opportunities.
Fact-finding on the current situation in doctoral education in Armenia is a good springboard to identify the major issues in this field.
The Canadian Government continued to reduce its support for doctoral students, following a disputed reform of the funding system that placed greater emphasis on the economic benefits of research.
Training of Brazilian doctoral students abroad is a key element of Brazil's inclusion into the international community of science and technology resulting not only from the direct learning of formal knowledge but also through the passive internalization of implicit knowledge from foreign institutions (VELHO, 2001).
We look forward to hearing from them at our Doctoral Symposium.
To explore this question, the scholars surveyed the curricular content of nursing doctoral programs offered and doctoral program availability with a curriculum focus on nursing education.
McCormack (2005) pointed out four categories: the psychological features of the doctoral student, the socio-economic situation of the student, the discipline and type of research, and supervision.

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