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Implementing agency : Direccin de Educacin, Doctrina e Historia de Carabineros,
Nor is Blake Dutton's "Plenitude of Meaning Thesis," which he feels "is nothing short of astonishing," all that astonishing for anyone familiar with Augustine's De doctrina Christiana.
Although Augustine arrived at these insights only through bitter disappointments at Milan and Cassiciacum, he continued in his quest to harmonize virtus and eruditio and produced in De Doctrina Christiana his most mature contribution to the problem of liberal education and character.
Being Promised is part of the Sacra Doctrina Series that analyzes different Christian theological topics for the postmodern culture.
En el capitulo LXXII de la Geografica descripcion, intitulado: "De la provincia de Tehuantepeque de su ministerio y doctrina," Burgoa relata como el ultimo rey de los zapotecas, que habia sido reducido a una "muy moderada pasadia" despues de su conversion, fue "pervertido" por los indios que lo frecuentaban, con lo que habia vuelto a retomar sus antiguas idolatrias.
En resumidas cuentas, la doctrina del librecambismo permea cada faceta de la sociedad chilena, muy en especial durante la dictadura, pero tambien durante la epoca de la Transicion.
A close reading of Milton's Paradise Lost and De Doctrina Christiana clearly shows, however, that Milton did in fact embrace the penal-substitutionary theory of atonement, and he believed that Jesus' death on the cross effected this atonement.
Doctrina reuses Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) XML content to rapidly output robust E-Learning modules sourced directly from clients' existing technical documentation and added learning content and media components.
Once the church's coram doctrina relationship has been established, then its contextualized identity takes shape and influences practical theologies, functional ecclesiologies, and confessional hermeneutics.
Modern- day printing arrived in India with the Jesuits and the credit for the first book to be printed in 1557, St Francis Xavier's Doctrina Christa , goes a Spaniard, Joao de Bustamante.
Praehonorabilis cancellarie, totaque universitas: Praesento vobis, hanc meam filiam, quam scio tam moribus quam doctrina habilem et idoneam esse quae admittatur, honoris causa, ad gradum Doctoratus in Litteris, idque tibi fide mea testor ac spondeo, totique Academiae.
Asi como lo que el avance de la fisica necesitaba era una doctrina de la fuerza mas que una doctrina de la forma (Farrington, 1971), lo que creemos que necesita la Teoria de la Empresa es una doctrina que hemos de llamar del Desarrollo Competitivo.