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La premiere figure est celle du traditionaliste doctrinaire pur et dur, comme Petrokijik qui s'oppose a D.
John Gardner was another who was nervous about any sense of the doctrinaire.
Aslan sees as the central issue facing the Islamic world today not the much-touted "clash of civilizations," the doctrinaire war against the West, but the internal struggle of traditionalism vs.
A reading of Reluctant Saviour underlines the doctrinaire and politically extreme attitudes of many of those who supported the East Timorese rebellion against Indonesia.
Yet we are stuck with a bunch of doctrinaire Republicans and cowardly Democrats who refuse to consider broad reform.
no matter the fact that in many parts of the world, particularly the developed world, the church, the congregation was beginning to dwindle, somehow people's personal connection and people's personal admiration for him transcended, perhaps, some of their unease with the more doctrinaire, orthodox theology that he prescribed for Catholics around the world and that many Catholics felt that they simply could not practice in today's modern world and caused many Catholics to follow their own conscience instead of his.
His doctrinaire style of leadership is blamed for stifling reform in the Roman Catholic Church and he insisted on maintaining the ban on contraception despite the spread of AIDS.
Belief will not survive if pleas for help are met with doctrinaire indifference.
Her skillful watercolors pick through daily life and come up with an ethical, protofeminist viewpoint that registers the pain and hardship of the people; at the same time, her work avoids idealizations and doctrinaire political platforms.
Editor Kathy Pories lets 11 intriguing writers loose on the topic of same-sex marriage, reaping an irreverent collection of personal essays that get past the doctrinaire discourse that--let's be honest has made us yawn even though we have everything at stake.
Knapp isn't a true believer, convert or doctrinaire thinker of any sort.
To believe that "Man is the measure of all things" is no less doctrinaire than to proclaim that "There is only one God and we must love him with all our heart".